What Can it Treat?

Because homeopaths look at the whole person on all levels we do not say that we can treat a particular illness, but rather we assess the person and their symptoms.


As well as the problems below homeopathy also works alongside conventional medicine and can help with side effects of some drugs.


Homeopathy may help people with many different problems including:

Acute Conditions

headaches, tonsilitis, flu, bronchitis, diarrhoea, constipation, cystitis, morning sickness, abscesses, conjunctivitis, food poisoning, indigestion, ear infections, cystitis

Chronic conditions

Migraine, stomach ulcers, catarrh, psoriasis, ME, Hormonal complaints, hayfever, crohns disease, IBS, Gout, prostate disorders, eczema, asthma, candida, glandular fever, herpes

Mental and Emotional

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, phobias, compulsive obsessive


ADHD, chicken pox, teething, ear infections, measles, warts, colic, bedwetting, night terrors, eczema, asthma, recurrent coughs and colds, eating problems, croup, conjunctivitis