Starting out as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

Wow!! This is all I can say!!  I have had the most wonderful week – more than I could ever have imagined it would be.  Let me explain….

A few weeks ago I was at the Society of Homeopaths conference and approached the Weleda Stand, expressing my dismay that they were based in Derbyshire as I think their products are amazing and would truly have loved to have worked for them on some level. “Well that’s great they said because we are currently looking for homeopaths to become “Weleda Wellbeing Advisors” to go into Holland and Barrett stores and advise on homeopathic remedies!”  How serendipitous!  I signed up immediately and went for my training last Thursday.  It turns out that this does not just involve talking about homeopathic remedies but also learning about all the amazing creams and potions and lotions that they produce for skincare.  I learned how to do a skin care analysis and demonstrate the products for people in a lovely indulgent mini-facial.  This was not something I had envisaged when I signed up but it took me back to my previous training in Indian Champissage (head massage) and facial rejuvenation almost 20 years ago.  The products were so amazing – pure and beneficial to mind, body and spirit according to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical (holistic) philospohy when he first created Weleda 90 years ago – and fitted completely with my way of thinking and being that I found it easy to see the benefits even though I had never thought of myself as a “beautician”.

So I set off with my purple Weleda travel case packed full of lovely products and invited various friends and acquaintances round for a 1:1 skincare analysis so that I could practise on them!  (If you would like to experience this please contact me via my email or Weleda Advisor page.)

How lovely!! I had an excuse to spend my time seeing friends and pampering them and reconnect with some who I had not seen for years, other than on facebook.  We shared really fun indulgent time and it felt that this went beyond beauty and was much more than skin deep. As one friend said, maybe this was the time for me to create my own Red Tent (see Anita Diamant’s book – that tells the tale of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph and female community in biblical times) in my home….well our house is very red, with plenty of red blankets and cushions and curtains – and I do have 3 wonderful daughters!!  I heard her words but didn’t quite realise how true they would ring after only a week of this.

I love my work as a homeopath and craniosacral therapist but it is very solitary and this brought in a whole new dimension of social interaction and fun and so many people who came to see me expressed their joy at seeing me enjoying this so much. We were all “in-joying” our time together!

Let me give you an insight into some of the things that have been shared with me this week and as I unravel and explore them I will share further:

  1. I was told of the Celtic Art exhibition currently on at the British museum where they have a wonderful couldron on display as well as many other fascinating celtic relics – I hope to visit and will report back!
  2. When explaining about the detoxifying properties of the Weleda Birch juice and Birch cellulite oil a friend suggested that we could go and “tap” the birches in the spring in order to gather our very own Birch juice – which will be great as I can see this as becoming an important part of detoxing and re-energising in Autumn and Springtime.
  3. On the same subject another friend told me about a diet called the “clean and lean” diet which she said she had found really easy to follow and loved all the recipes (once again – I will report back when i have looked into this more thoroughly).  This same person suggested that I write a newsletter and share my knowledge – so here it is!! She also promised to share with me a wonderful recipe she has for Thyme and pomegranate salad from Serbia which I will duly post when I receive it.
  4. And finally as I was musing on a beautiful Mandala that a friend had printed out to colour in at New Moon in Scorpio she shared with me a website link so that I could do the same, it’s called “Healing my Shadow”
  5. and also the website of a Shaman in Muswell hill called Amber Agha who posts beautiful meditations – many of them for free.  I just did the first one this morning and it was wonderfully grounding – just what I needed after such a whirlwind week!

So this is just the start but I wanted to share it with you as it has been so much fun…- and now I am off to pick some Sloes as I have realised that these are the Blackthorn that make up Weleda’s Blackthorn Elixir – great for times of exhaustion and debility – something that I will need more than a small bottle of at this rate!!  I will post the recipe and photos once I have made it.

Oh – and on top of all that I am loving using the wonderful Weleda Pomegranate skin cream range for firming and rejuvenating – and another reminder of the beautiful myth of Persephone, lost to the underworld for the six months of winter every year because she was tempted to eat the pomegranate seeds offered to her by Hades, a symbolic tale and explanation of the winter months.

This post may be a little muddled and I promise that the thread will unravel and become easier to follow as I go on! – perhaps this would be a good place to share a poem I wrote called “The Thread” a little while ago which co-incidentally describes my experience this week!

“The Thread”

The thread is pure cotton, woven to perfection

The reel unravels.  The cloth is made.

The thread is hid.

The thread is retaken and must pass through the eye.

With care we lick and pinch the thread and once again the thread is thread.

The thread is hid.

The thread is needed

The thread is lost

But finally the thread is found.

The thread is dishevelled, the purity of cotton ended

But my cloth it must be mended

And so I must the thread repair….

To cut the thread would be a sin, to cut the thread is wrong…

I must with care and patience mend that thread, that lay hid in drawers so long.

With care we lick and pinch the thread and once again the thread is thread.

Once more the thread performs its work and now appreciation, felt so strong…

The thread goes on and on and on….

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