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Evidence for homeopathy:

The homeopathy Research Institute

Research that homeopathy works for allergy sufferers
OK Magazine talks about celebrities who use homeopathy

Media coverage of homeopathy in action:

“Homeopathy Worked for Me” campaign

Your freedom to choose homeopathy is seriously at risk!
A small group of people are waging a fierce campaign against homeopathy, unless people stand up for their right to choose, homeopathy could be seriously marginalised. Go to to find out more.

This website gives you access to key facts about homeopathy, explains what’s happening and what you can do before it is too late. Please sign the petition to give your support.

Further Reading:

If you are new to homeopathy and want to know more about it you might want to buy or borrow books from your library, you could try one of the following introductory books:

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro
Homeopathy :Medicine of the New Man by George Vithoulkas
Homeopathy :Medicine for the 21st Century by Dana Ullman