From Fear to Flu –

Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies can help!

Hello Everyone!   What a weird situation we find ourselves in these days!! It is so weird that I have actually run out of things to procrastinate about and sat down to write you a regular Newsletter!

So How are you feeling?  Do you know that Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies work holistically and as such they treat the whole of you, Mind, Body and Spirit.

I am still working and can offer Acute and Full Consultations over WhatsApp – Get in touch!  

I feel very privileged to have numerous remedies at my finger tips to help myself, my family and my clients and am desperate to share all the knowledge that I have with as many people as possible and we are in good company as you can see from this article on Prince Charles and the Royal Family and their use of Homeopathy.

I have decided to do a regular ABC Homeopathy live slot on Facebook outlining the key emotions and physical symptoms for a new remedy each day.  Yesterday was Aconite and today will be Arsenicum.  These will be posted on my Website with notes to accompany them.  My mission has always been to empower people and give them the tools to look after themselves on a First Aid level.  In order to support this I have produced a basic kit of 8 cough and flu remedies and have also posted a 1 hour long webinar on  Homeopathy for Coughs, Colds, Fear and Flu.

Bach Flower Remedies –

Last week I also created what I called a “Panic Potion” for myself as I was feeling a little Overwhelmed and anxious at the situation.  The Bach Flower mix contained Elm for feelings of Overwhelm, Rescue Remedy, for panic or anxiety and White Chestnut to stop thoughts going round and round in my head.  It has helped to calm me down incredibly well – I am now putting it in the family water jug at dinner!!

Give me a call if you would like to talk through how you are feeling at the moment and make up your own personal rescue remedy.

Weleda Wellbeing Advice

As most of you know I also work as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and have been struck by how many amazing products Weleda have to support us both physically and emotionally at this time:

My favourite new Weleda product is the Prunus 6X – this is an amazing Anthroposophical homeopathic remedy which literally gives your Vital Force a kickstart!  It is great for exhaustion after long periods of illness or stress.

Cold Relief Spray contains 3 of the top remedies for Coughs and colds – Allium Cepa, Drosera and Gelsemium.  Allium Cepa is for Hayfever type cold symptoms, Drosera for Coughs that won´t go away and spasmodic coughing and Gelsemium for classic prostration of flu.

Rhatania Mouthwash – is an amazing product and can be diluted to produce 50 litres of mouth wash from a tiny 50ml bottle!!   It contains Myrrh which is a well known antiviral properties.

The Stress Relief Spray is helping a lot of people at the moment – containing Pulsatilla and Chamomilla for those emotional meltdowns!

The Avena Sativa Comp Drops are great for calming the nerves at any time of day without making you drowsy, they can also help to sette you down for a good night´s sleep.  This is wonderful when combined with the Lavender Bath Milk.Even if you don´t have a bath a nice footbath, with added Epsom salts is extremely relaxing at these stressful times.

If you do find yourself with difficulty breathing boiling a kettle and doing a Pine Bath Milk inhalation over a bowl with a towel over you will really help to open up your airways. –