My Mercury Amalgam Removal

So here I am on the train, on my way to Carnaby Street. No, you’re right, I am not a shopper and would rather be at my yoga class than making this journey in the rush hour commute.   So why?  The news is that I have decided to replace my mercury amalgam fillings with white composite ones.  This is something I have wanted to do for about 10 years and I was prompted to go ahead with it recently after communication with a friend who spoke about her trip to Spain for the same procedure.

I was amazed to hear her story and also to hear about her incredible recovery a very short while afterwards.  She had had 7 mercury fillings, one of which, along with the gold crown, was obscuring a necrosing gum beneath it.  The Dentist said that he was amazed she was still alive!!! She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and couldn’t walk before the procedure – just one week afterwards she was walking!!!

Mad as a hatter

Who me??? Well I personally I didn’t have any obvious signs of illness, (although some may disagree!!) but I do feel my energy levels are very low and possibly my memory and brain are not as sharp as they used to be – whether that is old age, peri-menopause or mercury toxicity only time will tell – I will let you know.

I am also aware of the toxic effects of mercury through my homeopathic knowledge of the remedy Mercurius and what it can cure.  As you probably know Homeopathy works on the principle “Like cures Like”, so when we have poisoning information for a dangerous substance we know that as a potentised remedy these are the symptoms that can be cured.

Even without homeopathic knowledge everyone is familiar with the Mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatters Disease was an occupational disease among hatmakers, caused by chronic mercury poisoning. It affected those whose felting work involved prolonged exposureto mercury vapors.

The following are just some of the psychological and neurological symptoms that have been observed in people suffering with mercury toxicity:

Sudden anger

Excessive exhaustion


Short-term memory loss


Lack of self-esteem

Loss of self-control

Loss of coordination

Inability to learn new things




Impaired peripheral vision

Slurring speech


I was also aware, from my cranio-sacral studies that each tooth relates to a specific meridian in the body, just as certain parts of our feet relate to different organs in reflexology.  I researched this and found that the teeth that  I had mercury in related to my heart, spleen and thyroid amongst other things.

In our family we are also very aware of EMF and Wireless pollution.  We turn the wireless off every night and have removed our wireless phones replacing them with an old fashioned wired version.  The reason I mention this is that with the increasing build up of electromagnetic devices I was also aware that my amalgams may be releasing increasing amounts of mercury as a result of exposure. 

Maybe “ ignorance is bliss”, but I feel that in this instance “knowledge is power” and I certainly feel that power now I have had my amalgams out!!!

So I asked my homeopathic colleagues for the names of dentists with a good reputation in this area, one that adhered to  The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. 

On their recommendations and personal research  I chose to come to Carnaby Street Dentist and made an initial appointment for a consultation with X Rays which cost £70 (I know some of you are considering having this done and would like to know prices).


The Initial Appointment

Dr Sarah Holmes welcomed me and did a very thorough inspection of my mouth, recommending all  the usual flossing etc which I am very negligent of.  She also checked for signs of oral cancer which came as a bit of a shock but was at the same time, reassuring.

Having taken a couple of XRays she suggested that I could begin the amalgam removal with one of my top fillings.  I only had 3 and, like most people, I like to limit my visits to the dentist, so I asked whether it would be possible to have all 3 fillings removed at once.  “Oh Yes!” came the reply “I can see that you’re a super organised type!”  “No”, I thought, “I just want to get it over with!!”

So she told me that because my amalgams were in 3 separate quadrants of my mouth it would involve 3 separate anaesthetic injections and as a result I would probably be a bit of a dribbling mess for a while afterwards!  I agreed and went to make my appointment.

“How about next Friday?” The receptionist said

“What??!! You don’t mess around do you?!”  I said.  I had expected to wait at least a month and certainly wasn’t expecting to get it done that soon!!  But what the heck, I am the type to bit the bullet and grin and bear it and all the other dental clichés you may want to add, so I booked in!

The cost per filling was going to be £240 and I paid a large deposit for my 2 hour appointment – no backing out now!!


D (for Dentist) DAY!!

So here we are.  Friday 10th March!! Amazing how time flies when you have a dental appointment approaching!!  I have palpitations which I am sure are down to the steep steps up to the toilet on the top floor – nervous toilet visits are a thing with me!  Why did I arrive half an hour early??!!

Sarah welcomed me with her beaming smile and easy manner and here we were ready to begin.   We all put hair nets on and I had a protective bib to wear.  The procedure began with the unavoidable anaesthetic.   In order to make things a little more comfortable Sarah first applied some “bubblegum” anaesthetic to numb the area.  Then came the needle which was much less painful that I had expected thanks to her preparation.  Once Sarah had numbed all three areas I was quite relaxed as I felt the worst was probably over.

I was asked to drink something called Toxaprevent, a clay like drink which absorbs toxins and relieves them from the body via the intestinal tract.

So we were ready to proceed and Sarah inserted a bite mechanism on the other side of my mouth to hold my jaw open – fantastic! – one thing I hate about the dentist is straining to hold my mouth open!!

Then a small piece of charcoal was inserted between my gum and the first tooth – top right 6.  A rubber dam was fixed with grips to isolate the tooth and reduce the amount of amalgam filling entering my system.  An Oxygen device was placed at my nose so that I was inhaling 100% Oxygen during the procedure.

Then the drill came out!! I was so numb by this point though that I really felt nothing and within a couple of minutes my first mercury filling was out.  Once the rubber dam was removed I was given a Selenium mouth rinse to hold in my mouth for 30 seconds to bind any mercury irons and rid them from my body.  Sarah filled the tooth with a modern composite filling and we moved onto the next tooth – Upper left 6 – which followed the same procedure.

“It’s gonna be alright”

Sarah began to chat very happily to her colleague about plans for the weekend etc – I was in no position to join in but I added the odd grunt of approval!   It was at this point that I noticed Magic FM playing in the background  with the words “It’s gonna be alright” drifting over!!   I hadn’t even noticed the radio until then but I always listen out for messages and signs and this was a good one!

The back wisdom tooth – Lower left 8 – was not quite so simple as it wasn’t possible to fit a rubber dam so they used the high powered suction equipment to prevent any unnecessary absorption.

At the end of the procedure I felt so happy I nearly hugged Sarah – I am sure she is used to it!  Finally after all these years I had got rid of the mercury from my mouth.  I felt lighter and was sure this was just placebo effect but having spoken to a colleague she said she felt the same!


Prior to my treatment I embarked on a mini detox – including my usual Vitamin B and C complex and my favourite Weleda’s Birch juice as well as Milk Thistle for my liver.

In a way this is the most important bit – as mercury can be dislodged or vapours triggered during removal.  I was given a five day detox pack containing Selenium, High dose Vitamin C and Zinc but I have to confess I went straight to see my friends at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy to stock up on at least a month’s worth.  I decided upon the following detox:

Charcoal               300mg x 4 capsules after every meal

Chlorella              400mg 3 x day with food

(Try Spirulina if you have a bad reaction to Chlorella)

Selenium             200ug a day with food

Zinc                        50mg per day for 5 days then 15 mg per day

Vitamin C             1000g 3x day for first 5 days then 250mg per day

Homeopathic Merc Sol 6c daily

I will also be using Weleda’s Rhatania mouthwash daily and the Rhatania toothpaste as well as trying to eat a reasonably balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg and little sugar.

So that’s it and it really was as simple as it sounds – right now it is 5.30pm, 5 hours after the procedure and my jaw is a little stiff but that is about all.  I have taken a couple of Arnica 30C to help with any bruising or trauma but I am really happy with how everything went and will let you know how I feel in a few months time!!


The safety of amalgam fillings

It has been shown that Mercury Vapour is constantly being omitted from these Amalgam fillings, which are 50% Mercury which is one of them most potent neurotoxins known to man. Yet Mercury is used to fill dental cavities every day in Ireland!

Amalgam fillings have been banned in Sweden since the year 2000…

Since 2008, the Scottish government alone has paid over £400,000 to have amalgam fillings removed from people who have suffered the side-effects of the mercury-based fillings.
Although the Irish and British health services claim that amalgam fillings are safe to use, the dental industries of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have banned their use. The UN has also questioned the safety of amalgam fillings, with the Minamata Convention instructing all UN members to “phase-down the use of dental fillings using mercury amalgam”.





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