Teen Support for Stress and Anxiety


I am a homeopath with nearly 20 years´ experience, but first and foremost I am a Mum! My number one priority is my kids and their happiness and wellbeing. If your kids aren´t happy it is very hard to be happy yourself and that is a fact!

It is not an easy road and I can see that my personal experience, along with other work I have done along the way, has equipped me to support others in similar situations.  I have seen an increasing level of mental health problems, anxiety and depression in my private practice. I also worked at Kids Inspire, a charity for kids at risk of exclusion who had suffered or witnessed trauma.

The symptoms can be anything from anxiety, sleep issues, non-communication and withdrawal to violence, self-harm and OCD. These symptoms can then also lead to non-attendance at school which can then lead on to further feelings of overwhelm and possibly even exclusion from schools that just can´t cope.

“Despite mental health problems increasing among children and young people, many are simply not able to access support. Too often young people only get help once they reach crisis point. Half of all mental health problems have been established by the age of 14 but if we can enable our young people to seek and receive support as early as possible, we could drastically improve the situation.” (MIND UK)

I hope that my programme can help fill the gap and support you!

The Parent/Child dynamic: As a parent I have also experienced that as well as treating your child it is essential to give yourself space to come back into balance and be in a more receptive and calm place for your children.

My programme for restoring balance and calm:

I have devised a 6 week programme to support you through a difficult time, using all the tools in my box.  This can be repeated as and when necessary.


During my first consultation I take a full homeopathic case lasting an hour to support the underlying constitution.  There will be a subsequent consultation after 4 weeks to assess the action of the remedy prescribed.

Flower Remedies:

As I do this I also formulate a Bach Flower combination to create your own personal Rescue Remedy, checking in with you that the remedies I have chosen feel appropriate.  If you are curious you can even look here to see the sort of emotions that they will treat.

Craniosacral Therapy:

It can sometimes take a while for these remedies to take effect and so in the meantime I make weekly appointments for Craniosacral therapy to calm the nervous system and remind the person what a relaxed state feels like.

These intercurrent sessions are often healing in themselves and provide a good opportunity to deepen our relationship and catch up on progress as well as nudge valuable lifestyle changes in your life.


I also recommend a basic nutritional programme to support the nervous system and brain health.


I will share numerous tips to support you at this stressful time ranging from practical gadgets and comforts to lifestyle changes.


Including homeopathic medication and Flower remedies for all 4 sessions:
Child: £250
Parent and Child: £450