Frequently Asked Questions

How can homeopathy work if there are no molecules of the original substance left in the medicine?

Unlike other forms of medicine, homeopathy does not work on the material level.� We believe, and there is mounting evidence to suggest, that homeopathy is what is known as an "energy medicine".� Experiments in the area of quantum physics, that is, at the sub-molecular level, tend to support our theory that homeopathy is rather like a message to the body to heal itself.

How much does it cost? How long does treatment last?

My appointments cost £80 for the first session and £60 for follow ups.  The first session takes around 60-90 mins where I ask in depth questions covering all aspects of your illness, family medical background etc.

I will then post you a remedy and hope to see you for a follow up around 4-6 weeks later in order to assess the action of the remedy and adjust the prescription if necessary.

Can you treat pregnant women and small babies?

Yes.  Homeopathy comes into its own when we treat common problems of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, back-ache and fatigue.  Because the medicines are safe, even very small babies can be treated, for things such as failure to feed, indigestion and colic.

Can I have homeopathy instead of HRT?

This is an area for which we do have evidence.  Yes, homeopathy is a real alternative to HRT, but the prescription must be individualised to the patient.  Homeopaths treat hot flushes, hormonal mood swings, mild depression, headaches, itching and other menopausal problems.  I can also suggest lifestyle changes and give some dietary advice to.

How long will it be before I feel better?

This is impossible to predict, because each case is different and an improvement depends on how much there is to unravel.  Homeopaths do not do magic, although sometimes results are very quick.  Deep seated ailments which may have been around for years don't disappear overnight, so please be patient.  Ideally I would like to see all patients for at least 2 follow ups to give the process a realistic chance.

Generally after receiving the remedy you should start to feel better in yourself, and your energy and enjoyment of life should rise.   Because homeopathy treats the whole person you will find that not only will your symptoms be relieved, but the quality of your life will be raised, so that you may begin to achieve your life potential.  Wherever we are in our lives we all have next steps to takeand what frequently happens is that the remedy acts as a catalyst for allowing this to occur.

How do we know homeopathy works? Could it be just placebo?

There have been important trials done accross Europe and in Glasgow which demonstrate that homeopathy is not simply a placebo.� Remember that all medicines can behave as placebos...especially the coloured ones!� The experience of many homeopaths over the past 200 years is that we achieve much higher success rates than can be attributed to placebo alone.� Homeopathy has also been demonstrated to work on animals and as we are frequently asked to treat babies and small children, we are convinced it is not just a placebo.

Is there real evidence that homeopathy works?

Yes!� I have lots of examples of trials and research to look at if you are interested.

Can I be referred on the NHS for homeopathic treatment?

It depends on where you live.� In Newcastle, Bradford on Avon, Tewkesbury, the Highlands and Liverpool, you can be referred to a local homeopath.� Some are able to get referrals to the Homeopathic Hospitals in London, Bristol, Tunbridge Wells, Liverpool and Glasgow.� Otherwise why not ask your GP?� More are referring to non-medical homeopaths.

You could also consult your medical insurance policy if you have one to see if you could claim back for treatment. Most private health insurance companies will allow referrals to Registered Homeopaths eg HAS, Healthsure, BUT NOT Bupa, PPP or Primecare.

What do Doctors think about homeopathy?

Doctors are becoming increasingly open-minded about homeopathy and where homeopathy is integrated into the NHS the majority of Doctors welcome it.