Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral therapy is an amazingly gentle therapy that can have amazingly powerful results!  I have also recently done an online course and feel that working at a distance via Zoom, SKype or WhatsApp, although incredible, can actually be even more powerful and effective – Contact me if you are interested in talking about how this works.

Craniosacral therapy was developed by John Upledger, D.O. in the 1970s, and is based on osteopathy in the cranial field, which was developed in the 1930s by William Sutherland, an Osteopath.

As the name implies this therapy uses the vital connection via the spinal cord between the cranium, surrounding the brain and the sacrum at the base of the spine. The spinal cord transmits nerve impulses throughout the body and is surrounded by the wonderful detoxifying and nourishing cerebrospinal fluid. It is the pulsation of the flow of this fluid that Craniosacral therapists assess and aim to bring into balance and increase, in order to help the body to rebalance itself. In many of us the flow of Cerebral Spinal fluid can be restricted and this will inevitably lead to a decrease in energy, an increase in stress on the system and a restriction of the passage of nerves and other feedback systems to important organs within the body.

Restrictions can occur from a number of causes from injections into the spinal cord such as epidurals and lumbar punctures, through to physical trauma and compression of bones in the cranium and pelvis, as well as inflammation caused by disease or stress.

Babies very often benefit from Craniosacral therapy as it helps to realign bones which may have become compressed intrauterine or during the birth process.

Most of us are living very stressful lives these days, and we don’t need to be told that this is bad for us. In fact when we are in this stress mode our body behaves as if it is in a life or death situation and normal functions such as digestion and heart rate as well as hormonal systems and detoxification take a back seat. Craniosacral therapy reactivates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in more beneficial activity in all of our organs, relaxing us and at the same time improving our health.

What does a session involve?

Having asked a few questions regarding your health and any particular problems you would like to address, I will ask you to remove just your shoes and lie down on the couch. I will usually begin by assessing the Craniosacral rhythm at your feet or ankles and move up through the body looking for any imbalance or blockages. I will then gently work on your skull and sacrum, depending on the patient. The touch used throughout the session is rarely more than the weight of a small coin, but this is sufficient to have a very deep effect on the system.

How much does it cost?

A 1 hour craniosacral treatment at my home is normally £50 per session, although reductions can be given for bookings of 5 or more sessions.