The consultation

consultationYou will find the major difference between homeopathy and orthodox medicine is that we treat the whole person and not just the condition. So in consultation the homeopath asks questions about mental, emotional and physical characteristics, previous medical history and family history as well as the presenting symptoms, in order to obtain a complete picture of you as an individual.

In this way as well as being able to treat the current problem, the remedy is also giving the whole individual a boost so that they are more able to fight off diseases they are susceptible to.

In accordance with our code of ethics the homeopath is non-judgmental and treats this information in the strictest confidence.

The first consultation takes between 60-90 minutes. I will then review the information in order to find a remedy that covers the complete picture. A follow up takes between 30 – 60 minutes.

If you are bringing a child to see me it may be helpful to bring their red books so that I can run through any milestones, vaccinations and treatments they have had.

What next?

I will send the remedy to you and you will probably be asked to wait one month before a follow up appointment. This is in order to give the remedy plenty of time in which to trigger your body’s natural healing energy into starting the healing process and rebalancing itself. During this period you may notice certain changes.  I am generally available to discuss any queries you may have.

How often will I have to see you?

This depends on the nature of the problem. If it is a chronic ongoing complaint I would normally hope to see you for 4 consecutive monthly appointments and thereafter appointments will become less frequent depending on the progress made. This is an important commitment as it gives me the time to assess progress and adjust prescriptions accordingly. Homeopathic treatment can show dramatic results and they are usually long lasting, but it quite often takes a little longer than the quick fix allopathic treatment that people are used to.

If it is an acute problem we will prescribe a remedy and assess when you might need to see me again.

How much does it cost?

The first appointment is £70 and follow ups cost £50 and this includes the remedy prescribed (tinctures and creams may incur a small additional charge).

Home Visits: These are available with an additional charge of £50 for travel expenses and time.