Bach Flower Remedies

This is a full list of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and rescue remedy with a brief outline of their indications.

If you would like me to make you a personal mix, choose up to 7 remedies (one can be rescue remedy) and email me.( £10 inc p&p)

Alternatively you can email me with your symptoms or call me to make an appointment for a full consultation so that I can help you work through your issues.

Agrimony for people who put on a brave face to hide problems,hates arguements.
Aspen nervous, anxious with unexplained fears or worries
Beech critical and intolerant of others
Centaury anxious to please everyone, find it very hard to say “no”
Cerato unsure about making decisions, must always ask other people for their opinion
Cherry Plum a fear of losing control of the situation
Chestnut Bud stuck and always make the same mistakes and do not learn or grow from them
Chicory people who do a lot for others, but expect something back in return
Clematis daydreamers, people who live in the future and not the present
Crab Apple self-critical or ashamed either of their behaviour or when looking in the mirror
Elm A feeling of being overwhelmed with too much responsibility or pressure
Gentian Down but not out, discouraged by a situation or set back
Gorse Despondent or depressed with no hope of resolving things
Heather lonely and needy, always talking about themselves
Holly Angry, jealous, suspicious – very prickly!
Honeysuckle Nostalgic, homesick, stuck in the past
Hornbeam Monday morning feeling, fed up with no motivation
Impatiens Impatient, hurried with sense of urgency
Larch lacking in confidence, fear of failure
Mimulus Fear of specific things – dentists (!), spiders, snakes etc
Mustard A black depression which comes on suddenly
Oak For those who keep plodding on in spite of hardships and trials
Olive Complete exhaustion
Pine Guilt and blame yourself often with no reason
Red Chestnut Anxiety for others and their safety
Rock Rose Terror and panic stricken
Rock Water A need to be pure and live life according to a strict set of beliefs
Scleranthus Painful indecision, see the pros and cons for each option
Star of Bethlehem Ailments from shock, grief or trauma
Sweet Chestnut When everything seems to be against you and too much to bear
Vervain Too much enthusiasm!  Unbridled passion which can put people off.
Vine Controlling and dominant personalities
Walnut For protection for people sensitive to change or atmospheres.
Water Violet For protection for people sensitive to change or atmospheres.
White Chestnut Thoughts that won’t stop going round in your head
Wild Oat To find your true path in life when torn in many different directions
Wild Rose Acceptance of situations, with no thought of changing them.
Willow People who wallow in their illness or situation, feeling sorry for themselves
Rescue Remedy Rescue remedy is a combination for shock, panic or distress and can also be added to any personal mix.