gooddeskpurpleWelcome to my website where I hope you will find useful informtion on homeopathy, Craniosacral therapy and Bach Flower remedies. If you have any questions or would like to discuss whether or not I can help you please feel free to call me or email me. Homeopathy provides a gentle and reliable treatment for people suffering from numerous ailments on all levels. Homeopathy has no side effects and is completely non-toxic – this is because above the 12c potency it doesn’t contain even one molecule of the substance used, but rather works on a purely energetic level. It is therefore the perfect option for pregnant women, babies and children.

Although there is much skepticism about homeopathy due to the incredibly dilute remedies that are used, its success with patients has meant that it has continued to grow and develop over the past 200 years.

And now there is an increasing amount of research being done into possible explanations as to how it works. These scientists are branching out into new realms of exploration which until now were impossible, leaving behind the bio-chemical format, which could not measure such dilute substances and branching out into more subtle areas of material sciences, quantum physics and spectroscopy.

Homeopathy can be used on its own or alongside conventional medicine. It can be used to treat people with both acute, short term, and chronic ongoing disease and also help with the side effects of allopathic medicines.

Rachael Leffman is a fully trained and fully insured classical homeopath, registered with the Society of Homeopaths. I have also undergone training in Craniosacral therapy and Bach Flower remedies which I feel complement Homeopathy very well.

I am also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor – feel free to contact me if you would like a free 1-2-1 skin consultation or you can go to my online shop.