About me

-smily20pink20top1I have been interested in homeopathy ever since I was dramatically cured of PMS and permanent colds by my Mother who also trained in homeopathy when I was 16. When I left home I studied French and Spanish at Cambridge University but I was always interested in reading about the remedies and determined that I would become a homeopath. I undertook 4 years of study at the London College of Classical Homeopathy followed by the Society of Homeopaths Registration programme.

I have 3 daughters and have seen how homeopathy can benefit all ages and am keen to bring this experience and support to other families.

Having spent a long time treating pregnant women, babies and children I am now also looking at pre-conception and feel that homeopathy alongside diet and nutrition provides an excellent option for couples struggling with infertility. I have become an accredited Foresight Practitioner and as such can offer hair mineral testing, homeopathic remedies and nutritional advice all tailored to your particular needs so that you can look forward to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby both with optimum nutrition.

I have also studied the CEASE method in homeopathy and have had some positive results on children with learning difficulties and Autism using this method.

I also use Bach Flower Remedies. I find Flower remedies an excellent addition to homeopathic treatment and they are a great way to start any holistic treatment as they work purely on the mental and emotional level and get you into the right mindset for a positive step into the future. Have a look my page on Flower remedies and you can even order a mix from me at just £10 for your own individual bottle of up to 7 remedies.

Thank you for choosing me to treat you on your homeopathic journey!